Organization has long been a hassle for me. Almost every organizational scheme seems as good as any other, and when asked where I put something, I often have to figure out what I considered most important at the time in order to figure out what schema I made up…recreating it from scratch, as it were.

I’ve been reading a couple of books on organization and disorganization for the ADHD mind, and one of them had a couple of items that really struck home to me as being important (for me, anyway).

First, emphasize utility over beauty. Having the towels in the hall closet, the shampoo under the sink, and the shower in its own small room looks great–the towels and the shampoo are nicely hidden away–but sucks as an organizational strategy for me because I have to remember where the pieces are if I’m going to take a shower. Better to put the shampoo by the shower and some kind of towel rack in the same room as the shower.

Second, make things easier to put away than to take out. Think about it: when you need something, you have the impetus of that need to get it out; when you don’t need it any more, there is no impetus. So clever stacking arrangements, while they save space, are a pain to reassemble. If you have so much stuff that everything has to be arranged in the cupboard just so, you have too much stuff! Or the stuff is in the wrong cupboard.

Both of these come from Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD, by Susan C. Pinsky. I’m using the electronic edition, and it sometimes freezes up on my Kobo app on iPad, but is generally fixed when I go back in, so I don’t know whether the problem is with the book or the app.


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