Ah, medicine

So my son is on Vyvanse and Concerta. Has been for a while…months.

Yesterday, he pipes up that the Concerta has no effect.


No, no effect. 

Now, from listening to numbers from Dr. Dodson, about the same percentage of people are affected by the stimulant class drugs (Vyvanse) and the methylphenidate drugs (Concerta), but not the same people. So if you add them together, some percentage in the 80s can be helped by medication but you do have to search.

We are going to try a higher dose of Concerta, in case that’s the issue, but he might be a stimulant-only kind of kid. (We know Strattera doesn’t work.)

Aside: New idea for parenting. We have this problem where I say, “Hey, do this chore,” and the kids don’t, and because I am also ADD-distractable, I don’t check, and the kids get off without doing the chore. So here’s what we’re going to try: When I give a chore like “clean up the kitchen” I’m going to take something essential from the thing the kids want to be doing, such as a bike helmet or a laptop computer. This serves two purposes: first, the kid can’t go off and do the preferred thing. Second, it’s a tangible reminder to me. When the kid is done, he or she comes to me for the object, I check the job, and if it’s good enough, they can continue. 

I foresee possible pitfalls here, but benefits, too.


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